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Below are answers to some common questions about Homeowner’s Insurance.

An Introduction to Homeowner’s Insurance in the New Orleans area

As every homeowner in the New Orleans area knows, the risk of damage to their property from hurricanes and tropical storms is high. In addition, homes in the New Orleans area are at risk to damage from other severe weather events including windstorms, tornadoes, hail damage and even flooding from torrential rains.

Because of the exceptionally high risk of damage to homes in the New Orleans area from these severe weather conditions, premium rates for homeowner’s insurance and flood insurance can also be exceptionally high. Alliance Insurance Agency Services specializes in providing New Orleans area homeowners with high quality, comprehensive insurance coverage of their homes and property at affordable rates.

As an Independent Insurance Agency, we represent many trusted, nationally recognized insurance providers that offer high quality homeowners policies for the New Orleans area at very reasonable rates. From these companies, we shop for policies that best fit your specific homeowners insurance needs at the lowest possible rates. As a result, Alliance Insurance Agency is saving home owners hundreds and even thousands of dollars on their homeowner’s insurance.

Be sure you are getting the best possible coverage for your home and property at the lowest possible cost with a free homeowner’s and flood insurance evaluation and price rate quote from Alliance Insurance Agency Services, Inc.

Is Flood Insurance Included?

No, Homeowner’s Insurance does not cover floods!
Flood insurance is written as a separate policy provided through the government subsidized National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP). Flood insurance is only sold through insurance agencies such as Alliance Insurance Agency Services and cannot be purchased directly from the federal government.

Alliance Insurance Agency offers both comprehensive Homeowner’s Insurance and Flood Insurance to home owners and renters. Having your home protected by homeowners and flood insurance policies from one insurance agency has big advantages for the homeowner or renter.

In addition to the dollar savings from purchasing your homeowners and flood insurance policies as a package from Alliance Insurance Agency, it also makes it easier for you and your Alliance Insurance agent to maintain coverage that match the replacement value of your home each year.

Also, in the event of a hurricane or other flooding event, it’s far easier to work with one agency who can handle one claim for you, than trying to deal with several agencies. For example, if a hurricane strikes and causes both wind and flood damage to your home, Alliance Insurance Agency can expedite your claims for both wind damage under your Homeowner’s Insurance policy and flood damage under you Flood Insurance policy.

Whether your home or property is damaged from flooding by hurricanes, storm surges, heavy rainfall, levee breaks, a pumping station breakdown (or shutdown) or even a backed up sewerage system, you need flood insurance protection.

Consult with a homeowners insurance specialist from Alliance Insurance Agency Services for a free review of your flood and homeowners insurance protection needs and to be sure you are paying the lowest rates for the best coverage.

What Does Homeowner’s Insurance Cover?

Damage to the Home by Weather

Homeowner’s Insurance covers weather related damage to your home from wind, hail or lightning including fire damage caused by lightning. Homeowner’s Insurance does NOT cover loss or damage to your property from flooding.
See information on Flood Insurance above this section!

Damage to the Home by Accidents

Homeowner’s Insurance also includes accidental damage to your home from fire or incidents such as falling trees or tree limbs and even damage from vehicles. Adjacent or detached structures on your property such as garages, workshops or storage buildings that have a slab and a skeletal frame are also included in your Homeowner’s Insurance policy.

Whether you are a new homebuyer or if you’ve owned your home for many years, a Homeowner’s Insurance specialist from Alliance Insurance Agency will assist you in determining the current replacement cost of your home so you can be confident that the cost of rebuilding or repairing your home is covered.

Living Expenses

Homeowner’s Insurance can also pay for additional living expenses and necessities while your home is being repaired if your home is damaged to the extent that and you must move out while repairs are being made. Examples of living expenses would include hotel accommodations, meals and even laundry costs.


Homeowner’s Insurance also covers the contents of your home that are damaged, destroyed or stolen up to the limits of your policy. Some of the items covered as contents that you may not be aware of include watercraft, fishing equipment, outboard engines, trailers and even firearms. Your Alliance Insurance Agency representative will explain how to document your possessions in case of a claim.

What about Boats and Trailers when they are off premises?

Please note however, that watercraft and boat trailers are not covered for theft or damage by homeowners insurance when they are off premises. Watercraft is covered by marine/boat insurance once the watercraft is on the water. Watercraft and boat trailers must be are covered by your auto insurance policy when being towed on the road. If you own a boat and trailer, consult with your Alliance Insurance Agency representative to make sure these possessions are covered in all situations, at home, on the water and on the road.

What about Collectibles?

Please note that collectibles such as coin collections, antiques and works of art may require separate insurance policies, especially if their value exceeds the limits of your homeowners insurance policy.

Off Premises Possessions

Contents coverage can even include extended coverage of personal belongings such as luggage, cameras or laptops that are lost, stolen or destroyed on or off premises such as while you are on vacation or on a business trip. Contents coverage can even be extended to cover personal belongings of a family member living off premises such as in a college dormitory. An example of this would be a computer stolen from your child’s dormitory room while he or she is away a college.

Guest Liability

Homeowner’s Insurance can also include Premises Guest Liability. This addition to your Homeowner’s Insurance includes protection from lawsuits such as slips or falls by visitors that are caused by your negligence. Premises Guest Liability includes medical coverage for any guest that is accidentally injured on the premises up to the limits of your policy. Liability protection can also cover damage to property of a visitor to your home.

Premises Guest Liability can also be extended to cover actions by household members when they are off the home premises. For example, if your child accidental causes injury to someone while playing sports.

Your Alliance Insurance Agency representative will provide you helpful tips for documenting and itemizing your valuables and possessions in the event a claim is filed!

What Types of Homes are covered by Homeowner’s Insurance?

Alliance Insurance Agency offers homeowner’s insurance for all types of homes in the New Orleans area. Coverage is available for single familiy homes, doubles, tri-plexes, four-plexes, townhouses, row houses and condominiums as well as for modular homes and mobile homes.

We also have insurance coverage available for non-owner occupied property such as rental property, apartments and apartment complexes and even vacant property and land.

If you are renting a home or apartment, ask us about renter’s insurance to protect your personal property and belongings from losses due to damage or theft.

If you are a buying a home or if you are a new home owner, Alliance Insurance Agency can save you money on your monthly mortgage payments with low homeowners insurance rates.

Speak with one of our qualified homeowners insurance specialists to be sure you are getting the best insurance protection for your new home at the lowest possible rate.

What About Homes Under Construction or Renovation?

If you own property that is under renovation or development, including new constuction, ask us about Builders Risk Insurance. Builder’s Risk Insurance protects property that is under construction or renovation. In addition to the actual property, coverage includes materials, fixtures and equipment being used in the construction or renovation of a building from damage or loss due to fire, high winds, theft, vandalism and many more causes.

Like homeowners insurance, Builder’s Risk Insurance but does not typically include damage or loss due to flooding unless a rider has been specifically added to the policy.

Contact an Alliance Insurance Agency representative for details and a free money saving Builders Risk Insurance rate quote!

What Discounts are Available for Homeowner’s Insurance?

Your homeowner’s insurance specialist at Alliance Insurance Agency will include every possible discount available to you on your homeowner’s insurance policy.

Our many homeowners insurance policy discounts include discounts for New Homes and Full Renovations, Security and Fire Alarms, Having Previous Insurance, Insurance Transfer Discounts, Hip Roofs and even the availability and proximity of fire hydrants in your neighborhood!

Package Discounts are also available for purchasing your Home, Auto, and Flood Insurance together as one package from Alliance Insurance Agency.

When you get a quote from Alliance Insurance Agency, our homeowners insurance specialists will help you find every possible discount that will help lower your homeowners insurance rates.

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