Boat Insurance

Boating is very popular in Louisiana!

There are over 310,000 boats registered in the state of Louisiana and one out of every fourteen Louisiana residents owns a boat. Fishing boats are the most common recreational watercraft in the state but their are also plenty of ski boats, sailboats and personal watercraft such as jetskis. Louisiana residents love their boats and Alliance Insurance Agency has affordable marine insurance coverage for every size and type of watercraft.

Below are answers to some common questions about Boat Insurance.

There are more boats registered in Jefferson Parish than in any other parish in the state!

Alliance Insurance Agency’s main office is located in Metairie, the most populous community in Jefferson Parish. Our location in Metairie on the East Bank of Jefferson Parish places us in the heart of Louisiana’s boating capital.

Alliance Insurance Agency offers boat insurance coverage to the entire state of Louisiana!

Alliance Insurance Agency provides boat and marine insurance for recreational and commercial vessels in the New Orleans area and anywhere in Louisiana.

We have affordable, comprehensive insurance coverage plans for every size and type of vessel including Power Boats, Sailboats, Jet Boats, Airboats, Jet Skis (Personal Watercraft), Fishing Boats/Bass Boats, Ski Boats/Cruisers, Pontoon Boats, Motor Yachts, Houseboats and Racing Boats.

As boat and marine insurance specialists, we even provide commercial marine insurance for commercial fishing boats, tugboats, supply boats, passenger vessels and even airboat swamp tours.

As an independent insurance agency, Alliance Insurance is positioned to shop different insurance providers for the best insurance coverage at the lowest price for your boat!

Boat insurance is a bit of an odd duck in the insurance world!

In many ways insuring a boat is similar to automobile insurance and in other ways , especially for larger boats like motor yachts, sailboats or houseboats, it’s like homeowners insurance. Homeowners insurance may not cover your boat and auto insurance certainly does not unless it’s being towed and even then there are coverage limits.

If you have a larger boat such as a yacht or sailboat or a motor boat over 26 feet , there may be navigational limits on the boat insurance policy. Also boat insurance may not apply when your boat is out of the water! It takes an insurance agent very familiar with boat insurance as well as how coverage for your boat fits into your auto and homeowners insurance policies to sort it all out!

Alliance Insurance Agency specializes in boat insurance!
Whether you have a boat for your own private recreational use or a commercial vessel for your business, Alliance Insurance Agency can help you save time and money when shopping for the best insurance coverage.

Make sure that your boat and its occupants are properly insured at the lowest cost. Contact a marine insurance expert from Alliance Insurance Agency for a free quote and evaluation of your boat insurance needs.

Tips about Homeowners Insurance, Auto Insurance and Your Boat!

In most cases your homeowners insurance will not cover your boat. Many homeowners policies will have a minimal amount of coverage for very small boats with either no engine or a very small engine, like a small sailboat. If you own a boat worth worth $10,000 or more, your homeowners policy is not going to adequately cover your boat.

Like homeowners insurance, a boat insurance policy covers you for liability if someone is injured on your boat and gives you the choice between replacement cost or cash value in a total loss.

In most cases your auto insurance will not cover loss or damage to your boat when it is being trailered. However it will provide liability coverage should you back into somebody with the boat when it is being trailered. The liability coverage in such an incident is limited to the extent of your auto policy limits.

Like auto insurance, boat insurance typically includes coverage for bodily injury that your boat inflicts on others, property damage your boat inflicts on docks or other boats, and physical damage to your boat should you hit something or run aground.

Like auto insurance, you can also purchase comprehensive coverage for your boat for protection against theft, vandalism, fire and flood, personal property coverage (for your fishing equipment), uninsured boaters insurance and even ‘roadside assistance’ in the event your boat motor breaks down and you need a tow.

Keep in mind that your boat insurance policy may not cover your boat when it is out of the water. During transport, your boat may be covered solely by your auto policy, and only to the limits of your auto policy.

Also keep in mind that homeowners insurance may provide limited coverage if the boat is damaged while parked on your property, but it may not stretch to cover stolen contents or vandalism.

Boats are unique and require their own policy!

The boat insurance specialists at Alliance Insurance Agency will help you sort through the coverage you need and make sure you are getting the best possible coverage at the lowest possible cost.

Alliance Insurance Agency also offers marine insurance for commercial fishing and passenger vessels including work boats, tug boats and supply boats anywhere in Louisiana.

Whether you have a boat for your own private recreational use or a commercial vessel for your business, contact Alliance Insurance Agency today for a free quote.

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