Contract Security Insurance

Protection for all types of security companies

Does contract security require special coverage?

Yes! Because of the special risks associated with contract security, it is important to evaluate your insurance coverage with the help of a trained and experienced commercial insurance specialist.

We can help! Our commercial insurance specialists can evaluate the unique needs of your business and we can provide complete coverage or simply help you fill in critical gaps in your present policies.

What businesses are considered contract security?

Contact security is the use of an outside agency contracted to provide security for a client or business through security officers and investigators that are hired, trained and managed by the contracted agency.

The most common contract security services providers are private security companies. Private security companies provide armed and unarmed security services and expertise to private and public clients and businesses including roving patrols, bodyguards and guard dog services.

Other security related businesses that require specialized insurance coverage are Alarm Installers and Monitoring, Electronic Security, Private Investigations, Detective Agencies, Background Screening, Security Consulting Firms and Armored Car Companies.

How is a private security company different than proprietary security?

A proprietary private security officer or PSO is a uniformed, unarmed individual who is employed exclusively by one employer to provide security services exclusively for his or her employer. A proprietary private security officer is not contracted to provide security to any other entity or person other than his or her employer.

A private security company can provide security services to many different businesses, entities and individuals.

If you or your business employs proprietary private security officers, consult with a commercial insurance specialist from Alliance Insurance Agency Services, Inc to be sure you and your business are protected! 

What types of insurance coverages are available to contract security companies?

There are many types of insurance coverages available to contract security companies to help adequately cover a wide variety of risks and business environments.

The risks associated with contract security include: personal injury to employees, bystanders and clients as well as risks of accusations of slander, false arrests and even libel. Other risks all too common in the contract security business are involvement in civil and criminal trials and the costs associated with your company’s defense or worst yet, expensive court judgments against your company should your company be found negligent.

The many types of coverages available to help protect your security business from these risks include: General Liability Insurance, Professional Liability Insurance including Errors & Ommissions Insurance (E&O) and Directors & Officers Insurance (D&O), Commercial Umbrella Insurance, Crime & Fidelity Insurance, Workers’ Compensation, Commercial Auto Insurance, Commercial Property Insurance, Commercial Excess, Workers’ Compensation, Inland Marine Insurance and Contractors License Bonds.

A Business Insurance Specialist from Alliance Insurance Agency Services, Inc. will help you evaluate your particular risks to determine the right combination of coverages for your security company!

For businesses that are currently covered but would like to fill in gaps in their policies or increase their total coverage, contact Alliance Insurance Agency Services, Inc. for a free consultation and evaluation of your insurance needs.

The information presented on this website is for general reference purposes only and does not override or serve as an addendum to any insurance policy or contract. Always consult your insurance policy or your Alliance Insurance Agency Services, Inc representative for accurate information regarding your policy and coverage.