Commercial Property Insurance

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What does Commercial Property Insurance Cover?

Commercial Property Insurance protects the physical assets of your business from a wide variety of perils. Physical assets include everything from buildings and structures to inventory and office furnishings. It is one of the most important insurance coverages that any business can have and can protect your business from minor losses as well as major disasters.

Examples of physical assets covered by Commercial Property Insurance

Commercial Property Insurance can a wide variety of assets from structures to inventory.

Covered assets can include: buildings and Structures, Inventory, Machinery, Raw Materials, Computers, Office Furnishings, Fixtures, Outdoor Signs, Fences, Landscaping, and many other items and building contents vital to the operation of your business.

Commercial Property Insurance can also include coverage of damage to rental or leased property. Examples of rental or leased property covered by Commercial Property Insurance from Alliance Insurance Agency includes buildings or offices used by your business and even rented or leased equipment and machinery.

Commercial Property Insurance can also help protect your business from claims of damage to your neighbor’s property and physical assets. Such events include fire spreading from your property to a neighboring business to damage caused by a fallen tree or outdoor sign.

Commercial Property Insurance can even include an option that can help replace lost income when your business operations are suspended and you cannot operate due to a covered loss.

Perils covered by Commercial Property Insurance

Some of the various perils that commercial Property Insurance protects your business from are: fire, wind damage from storms and hurricanes, hail damage, theft, burglary, and even broken water pipes. For flood damage from rising flood waters, consult your Alliance Insurance Agency commercial specialist about federally subsidized Flood Insurance for businesses!

6 Reasons to Choose Alliance Insurancy Agency Services, Inc for your Business!

1) Our Experience!
Alliance Insurance Agency Services, Inc. has been protecting and helping New Orleans area businesses recover from disasters from fires to hurricanes since 1988. Even in the worst of times, such as the difficult period for New Orleans area businesses following Hurricane Katrina, Alliance Insurance Agency was there to help local businesses get up and running again in the shortest possible time.

2) Our Staff!
Alliance Insurance Agency has in-house Commercial Insurance Specialists in both our Metairie office for New Orleans area businesses on the Southshore of Lake Pontchartrain and in our Covington office for businesses on the Northshore. Every member of our support staff has been carefully selected for their experience and their dedication to customer service.

3) Our Flexibility!
The Commercial Insurance Specialists at Alliance Insurance Agency understand that every business is unique with different properties and physical assets. We also understand that every business is constantly changing. We can custom tailor a Commercial Property Insurance policy that best covers your business’s property and assets and work with you to make sure your business coverage is current and thorough.

4) Our Fast Response!
In the event of a disaster, loss or damage to your business property or physical assets, Alliance Insurance Agency has the right team and the experience to expedite your claim and get your business up and running again as quickly as possible!

5) Our Reputation!
Our Reputation speaks for itself! After over 28 years of providing insurance protection to businesses and individuals in the New Orleans area, we are proud to say that no one has a better reputation for service and reliability than Alliance. That’s why we have an A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau. See our BBB Rating

6) Alliance Insurance Agency Shops For You!
As an independent insurance agency, we represent the finest commercial insurance providers in the country. We are constantly shopping the insurance industry for companies that have the best policies, the best service and the best rates for our customers. Our loyalty is not to our policy providers but to you, our customers!


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