Claims Information

Alliance Insurance Agency Services, Inc. is ready to help you get your claim settled quickly and fairly. When you have a claim, you should first protect life and property and take any steps you can to prevent further damage, then call Alliance Insurance Agency Services at:

Metairie Office
Phone: (504) 831-2196

For Emergency Claim Numbers
and 24 Hour/Direct Claim Reporting

Important Instructions

After business hours, on weekends or holidays, you can call the insurance company directly if they have a 24 hour claim center. Click Here for a list of 24 hour numbers. If you call the insurance company directly, make sure you call Alliance Insurance Agency Services, Inc. the next business day. Once a claim is reported to an insurance company, you should hear from an adjuster within 1 or 2 business days.

When you call Alliance Insurance Agency Services, Inc. or the insurance company directly, try to have any of the following information that pertains to your claim ready to speed up processing.

• The location of the accident.
• A description of the events leading to the accident.
• The names and addresses of any injured persons.
• Descriptions of any injuries.
• If medical treatment was provided, at what hospital?
• If there was property damage, the name and address of the property owner.
• The estimated cost of repairs.
• The names and addresses of any witnesses.
• The police report (for auto accidents).

Automobile Accidents
When you have an automobile claim, it must be reported to the police. If the car is not driveable, have it towed to your preferred body shop or dealership if they are open. If not, have it towed to your house until you can talk to an adjuster.

Burglary or Vandalism Loss – No burglary or vandalism claim can be paid without a police report or police report item number.

Property Loss – You should take steps to ensure the safety of life and property and prevent further damage. Beyond that, don’t try and deal with the damage yourself, or it could make your claim difficult to process.

Water Damage – Call a service specializing in water damage to carpets and padding. Many people remove the carpets and padding immediately, but the carpet frequently can be saved if removed by an experienced professional.

Fire Damage – Do not try and clean up the smoke damage after a grease fire. Many people do more damage to the walls cleaning up than the fire does.

Broken Pipes – Call a plumber to determine the location and cause of the damage.

For Emergency Claim Numbers
and 24 Hour/Direct Claim Reporting