Helpful Information About Types of Commercial Insurance available from
Alliance Insurance Agency Services, Inc.

Bonds – Although not a true insurance policy, surety bonds are an important tool in today’s business environment. Types of surety bonds available through Alliance Insurance Agency Services, Inc. include contract bonds, performance bonds and fidelity bonds. Learn more about surety bonds and how they are used in businesses from construction to financial institutions.

Builder’s Risk Insurance – Builders Risk Insurance is a form of property insurance that covers a building or structure under construction or renovation. A Builder’s Risk Insurance policy can be written to also cover the materials, fixtures, and other equipment used for a construction project.

Business Interruption Insurance – When a business is closed due to a disaster, property and flood insurance can help replace physical assets but what about lost sales and income? Learn how business interruption insurance can compensate for lost revenue when a business is closed and under repair following a catastrophe.

Business Owners Policy – Also known as a Business Owners Package or BOP, a Business Owners Policy bundles the most essential coverages for small to medium size businesses into one policy that is a lower cost than each coverage purchased separately. It is the most popular insurance policy for small businesses.

Commercial Auto Insurance – Alliance Insurance Agency Services, Inc. provides commercial auto insurance protection for all types of business vehicles from cars, trucks and vans to specialized vehicles from dump trucks to school buses. Learn more on our Commercial Auto Insurance page!

Commercial Flood Insurance – Insurance protection from floods is essential to businesses in the New Orleans area and all of Southeast Louisiana! Included are the most frequently asked questions about flood insurance for businesses and what is and is not covered by flood insurance policies.

Commercial Liability Insurance – Commercial liability insurance covers a wide area of business liability risks from malpractice to product liability and types of businesses that require specialized liability protection from auto mechanics to bars and nightclubs.

Commercial Marine Insurance – Commercial marine insurance, inland and ocean, is available through Alliance Insurance Agency for a wide variety of vessels including passenger vessels and working vessels. Whether your marine related business is a tugboat moving barges on the river or touring the swamp on an airboat, Alliance Insurance Agency can help you find the insurance coverage for your particular needs.

Commercial Property Insurance – Insurance Protection for your business’s physical assets from buildings to inventory. Learn more about why commercial property insurance from Alliance Insurance Agency Services, Inc, is right for your business.

Commercial Umbrella Insurance – Umbrella Insurance provides protection for you and your business above the claim limits of your standard liability insurance policies. Umbrella insurance is typically less expensive than increasing the limits of existing liability insurance policies separately.

Contract Security Insurance – Businesses providing contractual security services are exposed to exceptional levels of risk and require specialized coverage. These include private security companies, alarm installers and monitoring services, private investigations, security consulting firms and armored car companies.

Employment Practices Insurance – A necessity for any business with employees! Employment Practices Insurance covers lawsuits that result from employment practices. These can range from discrimination and sexual harassment to wrongful termination and invasion of privacy.

Fidelity & Crime Insurance – There are many types of crimes against businesses. Fidelity and Crime insurance can protect your business from losses from robbery, burglary, employee theft, forgery, counterfeit fraud, computer fraud, credit card fraud and many more criminal acts against your business.

Garage Liability Insurance – Businesses that handle customers’ vehicles need specialized coverage. These include auto repair shops, body shops, car dealerships and tow trucks. Garage liability and garage keeper’s insurance protect customers and customer vehicles while in your shop as well as on the road for a test drive.

General Liability Insurance – Coverage for the day to day operations of your business. Offers basic protection for your business against claims resulting from bodily injury, property damage and personal injury. Learn how General Liability Insurance differs from liability insurance coverage designed specifically for your industry.

Group Insurance – Group insurance is available to employees of a business and members of a professional association, society, union or other organization. There are many types of group insurance available including Health Insurance, Dental Insurance, Term Life Insurance, Universal Life Insurance, Long-Term Disability Insurance, Short-Term Disability Insurance and Long-Term Care Insurance.

Professional Liability Insurance – Also known as Errors and Omissions or E&O insurance, Professional Liability Insurance protects businesses, firms and professionals from claims of negligence, misrepresentation, violation of good faith or inaccurate advice.

Section 125 Cafeteria Plans – Alliance Insurance Agency can help your business with Section 125 Cafeteria Plans. These plans allow your employees to contribute a certain amount of their gross income to a designated account on a pre-tax basis for payment of qualified expenses such as health insurance premiums and health savings accounts.

Special Multi-Peril Packages – New Orleans area businesses can save money and cover multiple risks all in one policy by bundling coverages in one comprehensive insurance policy. Learn about related package insurance such as Business Owner’s Policies and Commercial Package Policies and their relationship to traditional Multi-Peril Packages.

Workers Compensation Insurance – Workers compensation insurance covers your employees if they are injured by a work related accident or illness. Workers Compensation Insurance is required for most businesses in Louisiana. Be sure your business and employees are properly covered.

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