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Commercial Vehicles We Cover
In addition to Commercial Cars, Trucks and Vans used in your business, here are some examples of commercial vehicles covered by Alliance Insurance Agency Services, Inc.

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Agricultural Trucks
Agricultural Equipment, drivable
(tractors, harvesters, etc)
Car Carriers
Cargo Vans
Catering Vans
Cement Mixers
Construction Equipment, drivable
(front end loaders, cranes, etc)
Delivery Trucks
Delivery Vans
Dump Trucks
Food Trucks
Fork Lifts
Garbage Trucks

Ice Cream Trucks
Limo Vans
Motor Homes
Passenger Buses
Passenger Cars
Passenger Vans
Pickup Trucks
School Buses
Taxi Cabs
Tanker Trucks
Tow Trucks
Tractor Trailers
Wheelchair Buses
Wheelchair Vanes

Alliance Insurance offers commercial auto insurance for virtually every type of commercial vehicle! If you do not see your type vehicle on this list, just ask!
We cover Single Vehicles and Fleets!

Commercial Auto Insurance from Alliance Insurance Agency Services in Metairie and Covington, Louisiana

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What Businesses need Commercial Auto Insurance?
Any business that uses or owns vehicles needs Commercial Auto Insurance coverage! Commercial Auto Insurance is needed to cover any and all vehicles used in conducting your day to day business including cars, trucks, vans, SUVs and even specialized vehicles such as tractor trailers, dump trucks, limousines, taxi cabs and school buses.

Alliance Insurance Agency Services, Inc. can put together an affordable policy specifically designed to cover any type of vehicle used in your industry. Alliance Insurance even has insurance plans that cover drivable equipment such as fork lifts and all types of construction equipment from light front end loaders such as bobcats to heavy equipment such as construction cranes.

Commercial Auto versus Personal Auto Insurance
How is Commercial Auto Insurance Similar to and different from Personal Auto Insurance?

In much the same way that your personal auto insurance covers you, your family, and your private vehicles in the event of an accident, Commercial Auto Insurance covers you, your employees, and your company vehicles. The areas of coverage Commercial Auto Insurance provides to your company vehicles are also similar to your personal auto insurance such as liability, collision, comprehensive, medical payments and even uninsured motorist coverage.
Like your personal auto insurance, Commercial Auto Insurance will pay the costs resulting from bodily injury or property damage for which your business is legally liable, up to the policy limits. However there are some important differences between your personal and Commercial Auto Insurance policies. These differences may include eligibility, definitions, coverages, limits and exclusions. Your Alliance Insurance Agency Services commercial insurance specialist will point out these distinctions to you so that you can benefit from good coverage at affordable prices while promoting responsible and proper use of your company vehicles within the limits of your policy.

If you drive a vehicle for business purposes that is not typically used as a commercial vehicle, such as a car or pick-up truck, you should insure the vehicle with a commercial auto insurance policy.

To insurance companies, the risk of covering any vehicle used for commercial and business purposes is higher than the risk of covering the same vehicle for personal purposes. This difference in risk factor is the main reason auto insurance policies for commercial purposes differ from personal auto policies.

Commercial auto insurance policies are better suited to cover your vehicle as a business asset, to cover your employees or other drivers you hire to drive your vehicle and to cover the higher risk of operating your vehicle for business purposes. Also, keep in mind, your personal auto insurance may have policy limits and stipulations that limit or prohibit coverage when the vehicle is used for business purposes.

If you own a business in Metairie, Covington or anywhere in the New Orleans area, and your business owns or operates any kind of vehicle, speak with a Commercial Insurance Specialist at Alliance Insurance Agency to make sure your business is properly covered. A commercial auto insurance quote and consultation from Alliance Insurance is free and at no obligation to you.

Don't assume your business vehicles are properly protected in the event of an accident.
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The information presented on this website is for general reference purposes only and does not override or serve as an addendum to any insurance policy or contract. Always consult your insurance policy or your Alliance Insurance Agency Services, Inc representative for accurate information regarding your policy and coverage.

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